Pratale organic farm

Staying with us on the farm

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The farm

Picture  by  Ryan Taylor                   


Pratale is a small, organic hill farm in the foothills of the Appennines near Gubbio where we keep an open house for anyone who wants to share this way of life for a while.

There are fifty acres of woods and pasture in a beautiful, green valley. We keep milk sheep, horses, donkeys and hens.

We are pleased to have the company of people who are interested in our attempt to be downwardly mobile, to become native to this place instead of customers of the global market.

This attempt means that life here is not always “comfortable”. For example, in the summer we use a compost toilet out on the field so as not to waste the water which we need to water the vegetable gardens.  We have plenty of sleeping space and mattresses. You just need to bring a sleeping bag.

In 1984, the old farmhouse was badly damaged by an earthquake and, with the help of many good friends, we built a new, wooden house to live in and then we rebuilt the old house to use for stables/dairy/workshop/wine cellar and storerooms.

Pratale is in the country between Perugia(30 km) and Gubbio (8km). Our track, which starts from Mengara on the Perugia-Gubbio road, is signposted Valdichiascio.