Pratale organic farm

Staying with us on the farm

Who we are

Sometimes it’s just Martin and Etain, sometimes the rest of the family is here (Ben, who studies nursing in Perugia, Melissa who works in London and Camilla who works in Paris). Often there are other people who are here for days, weeks or months or even years. The regular return of old friends who have been intimately part of the place and its history for decades is a fundamental part of Pratale. We belong to Servas (the original, pacifist, couch-surfing organisation!) and we ask Servas guests to contribute for food like everyone else but we invite them to stay as long as they like.

We belong to Wwoof and one can write and ask if there is a Wwoof member vacancy, which is usually at least a month’s stay.

We belong to the Italian Bioregional Network, which has contacts all over Italy and which publishes various newsletters focused on Deep Ecology (Lato Selvatico, Quaderni di vita bioregionale, Seminasogni, Gaia, etc).  The Network has published several books on bioregional thinking and has translated work by Gary Snyder, Peter Berg, Gary Lawless, James Koller and Nanao Sakaki.

 We are in touch with the newly emerging Italian Homeschooling Movement (Scuola Familiare) because we homeschooled our children in the eighties and nineties and we can provide a contact list.



Picture by Ryan Taylor